Another Lover Hits The Universe
Hiya I'm Luke and welcome. This is where the magic happens... and my magic I mean nothing.

I'm an Aussie (Vic boy actually) who's gay and watches way too much TV and ships way too many couples to compensate for my Forever Alone status :)

I love to read (seriously) and play Final Fantasy/Zelda religiously to the point of insanity. Also I am weird fanboy (which is awesome) who loves Jace Wayland and Peeta Mallark with all the waves of my hearts ocean.

My Regulers

Church Of Sterek - Izzy - SweetVilalin - FairyTalePerfection - I Love Gay Couples - JustJules - Confession of a Khaleesi - ArmorForSterek - BeautyBeyondWords - Origamiarmadillos - Aalaveera - Ubiteme - When Where Hau - MarkiedaSharkie - Diaryofanarxissisticgayman

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Ian and Mickey // 4x08

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I’ve read all about this stuff. Maternal instincts. Biological imprints. When real parents see their kids, they get, like, this hormone surge…Oxytocin- and it makes them, like, feel good. They get like, addicted to their baby. But;

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Adventure Time Art by:

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Godfrey Gao for Beauty321

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Endless List of Favorites CelebritesDylan O’Brien

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Simon Lewis+ Tropes

Hilarious outtake from X-Men Q&A [>]

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